In early July 2018, a small group of concerned donors met to discuss the deteriorating situation at JAZZ.FM91. Our goal was (and remains) to bring about positive change at the station that would ensure its financial and artistic survival.

Since then, additional concerned donors and other supporters joined the team. Since the launch of the Save JAZZ.FM91 website and the recent AGM of JAZZ.FM91 Inc., support for the cause has increased dramatically.

Below is a list of our Executive/Advisory/Outreach Committee. The name, although somewhat cumbersome, best describes its functions, which include working with legal counsel to understand and protect our rights as members; seeking input from stakeholders on concerns ranging from programming to management, to business relationships with the station and ideas to address these concerns; and spreading the word about how we are hoping to bring about the positive change we believe is needed at the station. We will reveal more information over time and look forward to earning your support for this important cause.


Brian Hemming
Donor. Investor relations consultant with broad experience in strategic communications.

Joseph Manzoli
Donor, listener. Former director of JAZZ.FM91. Creator of An Evening with Tony Bennett. Successful business owner and passionate philanthropist through Level 1 Collective.

(Brian and Joseph are the primary contacts with Save JAZZ.FM91’s legal counsel, McCarthy Tétrault LLP.)

Sharon Baker
Donor, for over 35 years. Volunteer. A veteran of many international Jazz Safaris. Former marketing research professional.

Sam Broverman
Donor, musician. Professor of Actuarial Mathematics, University of Toronto.

Ellen Cole
Donor. Thirteen years as Executive Director of the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre; previously leadership positions at TVO, Harbourfront Centre, the Stratford Festival and Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company.

Bill Hewitt
Donor. Owner CPS INKworks, high quality print studio for photographers and other media artists. Veteran of many Jazz Safaris.

Joyce Mason
Donor. Writer, editor. Several decades of creative and managerial experience in the cultural, corporate and non-profit sectors.

Davis Mitchell
Donor. Passionate jazz lover. Executive Director and Chair of Mitchell Family Foundation, sponsor and supporter of faith-based organizations seeking to bring their message of hope into contemporary Canadian society.

Pam Slaughter
Donor. 20-year volunteer at JAZZ.FM91. Former Chief Privacy Officer at a research institute; Senior Consultant in health policy, ethics, privacy and regulation.

Peter Suchanek
Donor. Long-time supporter of JAZZ.FM91 and participant in many international and local Jazz Safaris. Experienced mediator, investigator and strategic planning specialist.