General Meeting of Members of JAZZ.FM91 Votes to Replace Board
February 16, 2019  Globe and Mail
February 16, 2019  National Post

General Meeting of Members of JAZZ.FM91 will be held on February 15, 2019 
February 5, 2019  Message to Members

Save JAZZ.FM91 Supporters Requisition General Meeting of Members
January 25, 2019  Click here
January 30, 2019  National Post

Process to Requisition General Meeting to Remove Board of JAZZ.FM91 Gets Underway
January 7, 2019  Click here

Toronto's JAZZ.FM loses second court case, finally hands over member emails
January 4, 2019  National Post

Save JAZZ.FM91 Issues News Release on JAZZ.FM91 Attempt to Obtain Stay Order
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JAZZ.FM91 Admonished for Breaching Court Order
December 21, 2018  The Ontario Superior Court of Justice today delivered a stinging rebuke to JAZZ.FM91 for seeking, without notice, a stay of the Court Order made last Friday, December 14 to provide email addresses.

Justice Myers' endorsement  Click here
Email exchanges between Hemming counsel and JAZZ.FM91 representatives  Click here

JAZZ.FM91 Breaches Court Order to Provide Email Addresses
December 21, 2018  Click here

Court Directs JAZZ.FM91 to Provide Email Addresses of Donor Members
Justice Dunphy's endorsement  Click here
December 14, 2018  Click here
December 14, 2018  Globe and Mail
December 17, 2018  National Post

JAZZ.FM91 Files Written Arguments for December 14 Hearing;  Reply also filed.

JAZZ.FM91 Inc. has filed its written arguments contesting the Application to obtain email address and phone numbers of members;  the Reply to those arguments has also been filed.  In the interest of transparency we are posting JAZZ.FM91's submission to the Court.

JAZZ.FM91 Written Arguments Click here
Reply Click here

Court Hearing -- Friday, December 14, 2018

The hearing of the Application to obtain the complete register of Members of JAZZ.FM91 Inc. including email addresses and phone numbers will be held on Friday, December 14, 2018. For details  Click here

Dispute Between Toronto Jazz Station and Group Aiming to 'Save' It Heading to Court

December 3, 2018  National Post

Written Arguments Filed for December 14, 2018 Court Hearing

November 29, 2018  Click here

Response to McGown Emails and Comments from Donors and Members

November 27, 2018  Click here

Letter Sent to JAZZ.FM91 Members by Ordinary Mail

November 13, 2018  Click here

Save JAZZ.FM91 Responds to Email Sent to Donors and Members by David McGown

November 12, 2018 Click here

Board Changes at JAZZ.FM91

October 30, 2018 Click here

Court Application  (A Court date of December 14, 2018 has been set for the hearing.)

October 3, 2018 Globe and Mail

Annual Meeting

August 31, 2018 Globe and Mail
August 31, 2018 National Post
August 31, 2018 Toronto Star

JAZZ.FM91 listeners stunned at changes, allegations of misconduct at beloved radio station

June 23, 2018 CBC News

Loss of Long-time Sponsor

June 29, 2018 Globe and Mail

Jazz.FM91 CEO Steps Down in wake of probe into sexual-harassment allegations

June 7, 2018 Globe and Mail