At last, you have a chance to vote for much-needed change in the leadership of JAZZ.FM91

  • For over eight months, the station has faced a steady deterioration in reputation, audience and donations.
  • The current Board of Directors has made poor decisions, using Band-Aid solutions for problems that demand major correction.
  • Popular on-air hosts – Garvia Bailey, Jaymz Bee, Heather Bambrick, Terry McElligott, Walter Venafro, Mark Wigmore, David Baskin – all gone! Either forced out or resigned because they no longer want to work in a dysfunctional and oppressive workplace.
  • Fundraising, the heart blood of a not-for-profit radio station has been seriously compromised.
    • The Fall fundraising campaign made barely half of the declared target.
    • Jazz Safaris, once a solid revenue generator for the station, have suffered a serious decline in support.
    • Recent live events have often been poorly attended, with staff and volunteers being asked on occasion to fill seats.
  • Audience segments that are key to generating advertising revenue are languishing or declining.
    Better revenue = more creative talent = better radio.

The current Board has virtually no radio broadcast experience.

In contrast, our nominees have the right experience and the right plan

It is time for the Board of Directors to admit it has lost the confidence of Members and allow JAZZ.FM91 to be SAVED.