On September 7, 2018, one week after the JAZZ.FM91 Inc. annual meeting, Brian Hemming requested the latest list of donor members from the station. The new list was requested because donors who were members on August 31, 2018 are eligible to vote at the next annual meeting. That meeting must be held on or before February 28, 2019 for JAZZ.FM91 to not breach the Corporations Act.

The members list is needed so Mr. Hemming can communicate Save JAZZ.FM91’s plans with other members before the next meeting.

Mr. Hemming asked that the members list include phone numbers and email addresses, which form part of the members register. Email is the primary means used by the station to communicate with members, as was very evident in the lead-up to the recent annual meeting.

The station refused to provide email addresses and did not provide a satisfactory explanation.

As a last resort, a Notice of Application was filed in the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto on behalf of Mr. Hemming, that asks the Court to compel JAZZ.FM91 to provide member phone numbers and email addresses. We believe it is a Member’s right to have other members’ contact information provided it is being used for proper purposes, and that it’s only fair that Members have access to the same means of communication that the Board has.

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