Members Vote for Board Change at JAZZ.FM91

The General (or Special) Meeting requisitioned by over 220 Members of JAZZ.FM91 was held in Toronto on Friday, February 15, 2019.

The motion to remove the Board of Directors was passed by a vote of 449 to 440.

The motion to elect a new Board of Directors proposed by Save JAZZ.FM91 was passed by a vote of  446 to 435.

The new Board of Directors is committed to greater transparency and  communication with members, and an immediate review of the station's programming.  Read about our Board Nominees.

The new Board has a range of skills that will be applied to regaining donors and listeners who have left the station over this past year.

The vote clearly indicated that members are divided over the conduct and performance of the out-going Board.  This is recognized by the new Board and will be respected as changes are implemented.

What is Save JAZZ.FM91?

Save JAZZ.FM91 is a group of donors and other supporters that is concerned for the future of the station under the current leadership. Save JAZZ.FM91 is seeking a workable solution that will save the station.

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Our Objective

To bring about positive change at JAZZ.FM91 that will ensure the financial and artistic survival of the station as an independent member-supported station.

We have a plan to bring about that positive change.

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Support Us

On Friday, August 31, 2018 we attended the Annual Meeting of JAZZ.FM91 Inc.  Click here for our summary of the meeting.

Following the AGM a request was made for the latest members list, including email addresses, a critical means of communicating with members.  Email address were not provided.

On October 2, 2018 a Notice of Application was filed in Ontario Superior Court, seeking to compel JAZZ.FM91 to provide them. Click here

A Court date of December 14, 2018 has been set for the hearing.

In the meantime, your support of our mission is important.

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